Photography Prep

                                                      Photography Class Preparation

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It is very important to study your camera manual prior to the class. You do not have to know what all the little buttons mean, but you should know where they are located. Every camera is different and we will be teaching you what the setting are and how to use them.

You should have a basic understanding of where to locate and change your settings listed below.

• ISO/ASA Setting---100---200---400---800---1600---3200
• Aperture/f-Stops Setting---f/2.8--f/5.6---f/8---f/11---f/16---f/22
• Shutter Speed Setting---1/500---1/250---1/125---1/60---1/30---1/15 of a second
• White Balance---(WB)

It is ok if you have no ideal as to what they are. Just look them up in your manual and know where they are located on your camera and how to change them. We will teach you what each setting means and how to use them.

Class/Workshop participants are responsible for their own transportation, meals, and lodging unless otherwise arranged with Marshall’s Photography prior to the workshop. We offer all-inclusive packages upon request.
                                                                Items to Bring
• Camera
• Manual suggested but not required
• Lenses, Memory Cards, Extra camera Batteries
• Flash only if you have one, Not required
• Tripod For Night Photography
• Snacks, Water

Please arrive at least 15 minutes early, to allow for traffic and parking
* No refunds once payment is made

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                                      BUY NOW: Click Here To Purchase Classes

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