Mastering Light- Portrait/Lighting/Studio Book

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 Mastering Light

Mastering the light is learning to see the light and having a good understanding of shadows and highlights will help to accentuate your subject’s face.
Lighting ratios are all important factors in creating dramatic lighting. In addition, utilizing loop lighting, narrow/short and broad lighting is also a major factor in shaping the mask of the face. These types of lighting techniques add an element of dimension to your portrait.
There are three main keys to great light: they are Light Placement, The Direction of light, and the Quality of that light. When you understand how to control your lights, you will get the desired effect. Learning to see the light will take your photography to the next level. You can master the light, but first, you must learn to see the light.
Mastering The Light – The Art of Portrait Lighting “Back to the Basics”.

Released Jan, 22 2017

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Exposure Made Easy Understanding Digital Exposure

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Exposure Made Easy is an Instructional Photography Book.
This book will teach you “To See the Light” and explain about all of “The Nuts and Bolts of Photography”. Understanding Digital Exposure Is The Key. Certified Professional Photographer Curley Marshall will break down each subject in every chapter with easy to understand examples and illustrations. After reading this book you will understand the real relationship between the aperture, shutter speeds and equivalent exposures. The jobs of the ISO, the jobs of the Aperture, the jobs of the Shutter. Freezes action, shows motion and how to blurs the background. Once you understand their relationship. You’ll be ready to expose like a “PRO

Released Sept, 13 2016

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